7 March 2017

“RADU FLORESCU” Center for Public Information and Documentation


“Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, a prestigious institution in the Romanian cultural scene, learning school for specialists in the field and beginners alike, is intended to be a “center of excellence” in promoting the material and non-material cultural heritage.

The center is intended to be a multifunctional space – a complex of activities and projects designed to attract and involve the public for the purpose of socialisation, active involvement and lifelong learning.

For the European open air museums, this Center is a wish come true for many years now, by means of which the specialists disseminate the results of the studies conducted over the years, the visiting public has access to the Library of the institution, studies archive documents and audiovisual materials in the reading room, organises workshops etc.

By opening this center we believe that we can capitalise on opportunities such as: Amicable relations with the founding forum; Increase of institutional autonomy; Funding based on programmes and projects, including access to regional development projects and European funds.


According to the organisation chart, the Department is part of the Museum Education, Temporary Exhibitions, Valorisation Division of the Communication, Museum Education Department. The department has a generous space, with the necessary logistics required for library activities and cultural events organisation.

It addresses the general public and provides a number of materials for consultation such as: Library with more than 16,000 volumes in the field (books, periodicals, guidelines), materials for scientific collections (archive photographs, activity reports pursuant to Law no. 544/2001 on free access to public information, published in the Official Gazette no. 663/23 October 2001.


  • Students (High school, College)
  • Students – Master/PhD
  • Specialists from museums
  • Specialists from institutes, universities


  • Facilitating public access to information – publications in the field (ethnology, anthropology), as well as other areas;
  • Attracting visiting public interested in studying the heritage collections, the permanent open air exhibition;
  • Increasing the book stock – purchases and interinstitutional exchanges;


  • Study in the reading room
  • Services – according to Minister’s Order no. 2438 of 17.06.2014 approving the prices for the services provided by “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum of Bucharest, for compliance with the provisions thereof:

Photocopies of library materials – 2 RON/p/A4

Scans of library materials (150 dpi) and copies on applicant’s medium – 1 RON/p/A4

Storing on museum’s medium (CD, DVD) – 2 RON/medium

Reading room subscription (1 week) – 10 RON

Reading room subscription (1 year) – 100 RON

  • Cultural events – book releases, film screening – documentaries, reading workshops for children, conferences – workshop;
  • Increase of the book stock by purchases, interinstitutional exchanges, donations