30 September 2016


CONScience – “Doina Darvaş” National Session of Preservation and Restoration, known under the acronym CONScience, is organised each year by “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum and is an opportunity to reunite preservers, restorers and investigators, as well as other specialists in cultural heritage interested in its preservation and restoration.

The conference focuses on topics in the field of movable and immovable heritage preservation, research and investigation, always in consideration of the way in which the specialist must approach and act.

The works that are presented are the subject of a bilingual volume (Romanian-English), RESTITUTIO, by means of which the museum offers to the general public details of the valuable work of professionals in our country. The exchange of experience, the issues raised, the special cases presented and the ongoing concern of the participants for highlighting the scientific principles underlying the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage make these annual meetings a benchmark for the specialists in the field.

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