8 January 2017

Ioan Godea

Ioan Godea died unexpectedly, just 71 years old, a reference name for Romanian culture and beyond. He lived this moment of eternity toiling and serving Romanian and universal culture, giving everything to the area that marked his life – ethnology.
Graduate of the History and Philosophy Faculty of Cluj, doctor of the Art History Institute in Bucharest, university teacher for many generations of students in Bucharest and Oradea, high academic researcher, Ioan Godea was a staunch defender and destiny leader of popular culture and civilization as director of museums and director in the Ministry of Culture.
It was, as Ioan Godea liked to say about scientists, “a priest who baptized things and facts with the attribute of immortality”.
Settled for a while in Canada, contributed here to promote Romanian art, organizing and leading Folk Art Museum of Montreal (1986-1989). After 1990, he returned home and at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture took over as director of the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” (1990-1997). In this capacity, he contributed to the preservation, protection and development of this prestigious institution by enriching the treasury of folk art through research campaigns and monuments transferring, by enriching the collections, promoting the national and international institutions (European Association of Open Air Museums in Europe – AEOM, ICOM, IOV). He initiated and organized numerous scientific activities and heritage promoting (International Symposium “European Village”, International Children’s Festival “Hora”, the 13th meeting of AEOM in Romania, 2nd Meeting of International Museum of Ethnology).
He initiated and led numerous specialized publications and has participated with numerous studies in international congresses and meetings.
He was the eternal supporter of promoting Romanian and universal culture. As PhD coordinator, Ioan Godea is remembered by those for whom his work comes into compulsory bibliography.
In gratitude for his work, “Tara Crisurilor” Museum in Oradea, edited the book “History, ethnology. Studies in honor of Ioan Godea.”

Respect and reverence for what was The Man Ioan Godea.
With sadness and piety, sincere condolences to the suffering family.

God rest his soul in peace!

The management and staff of the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”.
Leadership and Open Air Museums Association members from Romania.