6 November 2017


19th century

“La Frâncu” Inn, knows as  „La Barieră” (“Barrier”) Inn, was transferred in 1990 from Vălenii de Munte City, Prahova County, on the road that passes through Bucegi Mountains from Wallachia towards Transylvania by Cheia. Vălenii de Munte, an old settlement on Teleajen Valley, is situated on a beautiful hilly region where the main occupations of the inhabitants are fruit growing and animal husbandry, the area famous for producing the plum brandy.

In the places with real „merchant roads”, the inns appeared naturally. In this socio-economic context was also built the „La Barieră” Inn, located on the edge of Vălenii de Munte. Built in the early 19th century, the inn was popular resting place for both merchants and sheperds. The local memory preserves a scene regarding a trip of ruler Alexandru Ioan Cuza, who seemed to arrive at the inn.

The building has a cellar for storing food and wine, and two stories (floors) each of them having one room. The ground floor houses the dining room and the kitchen. Each floor has one large porch on the facade, with beautifully decorated wooden pillars, and a fretted railing made of boards on the  ground floor and plastered upstairs. The cellar and the ground floor have walls built of river stone and brick floors, plastered on the inside and on the outside. From the porch, the acces to the story is through a wooden staircase with double handrail. The squared hip roof has a covering of tiny shingles, arranged in a fish scale pattern.

Is its neighborhood is arranged the place for the wine barrels, the wine press and plum brandy distillation installation. Next to it is the location for animal shoeing.