20 November 2016

Sarichioi Windmill, Tulcea Country

Erected in the first half of the 19th century, this medium size mill features a quadrangle-shaped base, two superposed rooms, a roundhouse, storage room, shutters and tools at ground level. On the next floor, one can find two pairs of stones supplied with two baskets in which the grains would be poured. One of the two pairs of stones would function as a corn grinder, while the second was used to crush wheat. The two could perform simultaneously as well as by rotation according to wind speed and existing demands. The loaded sacks would be maneuvered with the help of the fixed pulley which was fitted close to the „balcony” window.

The construction would be set on a stone foundation which also accommodated the „carrier” that allowed the revolution the mill performed in order to harness wind power. The whole mechanism would be propped against the crown tree, an oak wood construction which was thoroughly fixed to the ground. The structure of the mill is also made of wood. The mechanism is set in motion via the six sails which rotate the stock, the brake wheel and, finally, the stones. On the exterior end, a third of each sail includes mobile shutters which are to be installed only when wind speed is suitable. One person alone rotates the whole construction by operating the wooden hand-spike and the chain connected to the exterior pole.