20 November 2016

Turea, Cluj

Church, 18th century
The wooden church from Turea is a valuable religious architectural monument from Cluj area, dated at the middle of the 18th century, built on a river stone foundation, with walls made of oak beams joined in the “dovetail technique”, finely decorated on the upper side with gradually retracting consoles. The tall roof, with wide eaves, has an oak slot-and-feather roof covering. Above the narthex rises the belfry tower, with a roof that has four conical small towers. The church planimetry, a rectangular form with detached polygonal apse, follows the traditional interior compartimentation: narthex, with straight ceiling, nave with a ceiling in the shape of a semi cylindrical arch, and shrine, covered with a semi-calotte with wooden ribs in rope moulding. Unfortunately, from the original mural painting only small undecipherable traces were preserved.