20 November 2016

Valea Doftanei, Prahova

Forestry cabin
Built in 1946 by local craftsmen, the forestry cabin from Valea Doftanei forest basin was used as an administrative center by the silviculturist management of this forest basin, currently still considered the largest one from Prahova County. The cabin disposed of offices, housing spaces, a kitchen and a dining hall. This is where decisions were made on the quantities and wood essences to be exploited. Pertaining to the former IFET (Forestry Enterprise for Exploitation and Transportation), the forest exploitation from Valea Doftanei provisioned wood for the large works that made furniture, its main beneficiary being Pipera Wood Works – Bucharest. At the same time, the cabin was also used for parties, weddings, as a protocol space or as a location for creation camps for artists. The cabin in the museum is a replica of the one in the field, as the latter was much too deteriorated to be transferred. The building, raised from fir logs with round joints, on a stone foundation, spans on two levels: the ground floor with an open terrace, containing three rooms and a kitchen, and the first floor, accessible from the left side through a wooden ladder, having also three rooms, and a balcony. The roof has a beech shingle, groove and tongue roof covering, nailed on a single row, specific to Doftana Valley. In the immediate proximity, a kiosk was raised, with beech groove and tongue shingle, nailed on a single row, thought out as a dining place for the summer. When IFET was liquidated, after 1990, the cabin lost its functionality.