20 November 2016

Călineşti, Maramureş

Maramureş house, 1948

Călineşti Commune can be found in Maramureş Depression, on the valley of Cosău and Veleniu, being documentary attested since 1381. The main occupations of the inhabitants were raising livestock (cattle, sheep, buffalos and horses), agriculture, but also forestry (the village is near Călineşti forest). The traditional house transferred from this village was built in 1948 by the local craftsman Utan Gavril, helped by his sons, Petru and Mihai; the construction is made of fir beams joined in dovetail “loops”, and is placed on a river stone base; on two sides the house has a stoop, locally named “şatră”, and at the front entrance, an elegant hexagonal porch (“târnaţ”). The sill plates are made of oak, and the roof framing and covering are made of coniferous wood. The house has four rooms: a central entrance hall, a pantry next to it (from where a wood ladder leads to the attic), the “clean” room (on the right side) and the living room (on the left).