20 November 2016

Ţicleni, Gorj

Viticulturist’s household, 19th century
Ţicleni Village from Gorj County is surrounded by the sub-Carpathian hills between Jiu and GIlort rivers in Oltenia and the ones from the Getic Plateau, in an area of soft and hard wood forest. The inhabitants of this ancient village of freeholders were animal raisers and viticulturists, which one can see the hills on which the cellars are, wooden buildings covered with vine branches to store the wine and the tools. The house is a building comprised of two stories, built on a stone base; on the massive sill plates (named “urşi” – bears) the walls raise, made of massive oak beams carved on four sides, joined in right angles. The plan of the ground floor has one room – the basement, with an open stoop, while the upper floor, accessible through a lateral stair, has a closed stoop with a parapet and two rooms with separate doors: the kitchen and the living room. The floor walls are plastered with clay and whitewashed. The hip roof is covered with shingles, and the ridge ends with decorative carved elements (named “ciocârlani” – skylarks and “ţepe” – pales). The facade is decorated with specific Gorj motifs: a belt carved almost continuously above the window level and vertically in the middle of the facade, and in the corners – carved needles (“undrele”).