30 September 2016

Ticket Price/Guided Tours


TICKETS (from 15.07.2017)

Adults 15 LEI
Retired people and Euro 26 cardholders 8 LEI
Students 4 LEI

– Preschool, Veterans, People with disabilities, Scholars of the Romanian state;
– Members Of ICOM, ICOMOS, ASER, AMALR, AEOM, Museum specialists, Employees of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, Employees of the National Institute for Research in Conservation and Restoration.

PASS (from 15.07.2017)

1 Week 30 LEI 15 LEI 8 LEI
1 Month 40 LEI 20 LEI 10 LEI
3 Months 60 LEI 30 LEI 15 LEI
6 Months 80 LEI 40 LEI 20 LEI
12 Months 100 LEI 50 LEI 25 LEI


Guided Tours*

Romanian 200 LEI
English, Russian, Spanish 300 LEI

*Appointment at least 48 hours in advance, specifying the date, time, number of persons, group profile and the language of the guide by e-mail ghidaj@muzeul-satului.ro.
*The guided tour is for groups up to 30 persons. For larger groups we recommend another guide, which will be paid separately.
*The guided tour takes up to one hour and a half.

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