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Monuments, completely original, faithfully reflect the traditional life of Romanian,
constituting and design museums and preservation of the built heritage.

Dimitrie Gusti

"It was imperative for us to have an open-air Museum..."

“Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum, Bucharest, Romania is the “museum from the heart of the capital” who opened his gates for the public in 1936. The permanent exhibition covers a 14ha area having 360 monuments, 60.000 objects in his collections and over 250.000 documents regarding the village and its traditional life in the Archive. Indoor and outdoor exhibitions attract more than 500.000 visitors annually. The Village Museum is the most visited cultural objective from Romania, opened all week long to and a trusted Romanian and European BRAND.

“...in order to be fully understood, the items should be placed in the Museum as they are in the reality, not among drapes, but in a real house; not on stands, but on the household stoop. It was imperative for us to have an open-air Museum, with entire peasant houses as stands, themselves being museum items, and placed in such way that a real village was depictured.”
Dimitrie Gusti, 1936
Museum Founder

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National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” offers the opportunity to take photos and video within their own enclosure.


National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” provides access to the library of the museum. Photocopying, scanning, storing on CD, DVD, etc.


Art Gallery permanent exhibition brings together contemporary folk with sale items made by contemporary folk artists…


BIO Romanian traditional food. Come to the inn “The Barrier” inside the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti”!