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According to the Order of the Minister of Culture 3170_22.07.2022 - APPROVED RATES FOR THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE "DIMITRIE GUSTI" VILLAGE in Bucharest -see here-, in order to fulfill its provisions:

The Laboratory of the National Village Museum can offer the following services to third parties:

The estimate of these works includes the following elements:

  • 1. Preliminary diagnosis - assessment of the need for intervention 30-100 lei/object

    This price also includes any travel/transportation expenses for evaluations outside the institution;

As the case may be, specialist travel expenses, object transport expenses (to be drawn up depending on the transport requirements):
  • a. The cost of public transport tickets - minimum fare 10 lei
  • b. Traveling with the museum car in Bucharest 30 lei
  • c. Travel over distances greater than 80 km discount

    *For distances greater than 80 km, the settlement will be made by travel order, according to the law;

  • 2. Labor charges estimated number of hours x hour value

    The price will be calculated as follows:
    Price = Number of hours estimated to be needed for each operation x Value of the hour;

  • 3. Material expenses will be calculated later

    They include: specific substances, disposable instruments, consumables;

  • 4. Directing expenses 25%
  • 5. Other expenses 10%

Works can also be carried out at the client's premises, if minimum conditions are ensured in this regard, calculating actual execution costs, to which travel and transport costs are added.

For each speciality, the explanation of material and labor costs is presented as an estimate in the following appendices, as appropriate. If any of the necessary operations involve a high degree of difficulty, requiring labor and/or the consumption of additional materials, the estimate may undergo changes. If the degree of complexity of the performed works required a working time, respectively lower or higher material expenses compared to the estimated values, a post-calculation estimate of the works will be prepared. Insurance of valuables falls exclusively on the beneficiary.

Sampling 17710
Preliminary examination evidenceEach113
Analysis by microchemical testsEach4531
Analysis by binder staining testsEach4531
Analysis by measuring the melting pointEach4525
Biological analysesEach4515
Analysis by Fourier transform infrared spectrometryEach13337
Analysis by X-ray spectrometryEach8925
pH determinationsEach2225
Photomicrograph of samples taken, results of microchemical tests and binders/photoEach113
Embedding samples in resin, sectioning and grindingEach35325
Microscopic examinationEach113
Preparation of stratigraphic sheetEach333
Preparation of X-ray analysis sheetEach333
Preparation of infrared FTIR analysis sheetEach333
Preparation of microchemical and binder data sheetEach333
Preparation of pH, melting point determination sheetEach223
Preparation of objective analysis reportEach6712
Preliminary examination of object, documentationEach16425
Preparation of solutions/function of the support of the partEach3873
Degreasing the objectEach11449
Cleaning the objectEach15296
Neutralization - dryingEach152121
Final conservationEach3996
Specific packagingEach76specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach15249
Preliminary examination of object, documentationEach17725
Dry storagecm0,20,1
Wet storagecm0,50,1
Specific packagingEach133specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach17749
Preliminary examination of object, documentationEach19325
Cleaning in neutral detergent solutionEach277
Cleaning with solventsEach21010
Assembling up to 5 fragmentsEach5317
Assembly over 5 fragmentsEach13219
Completion of missing fragments and finishingEach10519
Grouting of houses and finishingEach21062
Grouting and finishing operationsEach13258
Color retouchEach42025
Impregnation with paraloid for friable enamelEach2725
Specific packagingEach205specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach21049
Preliminary examination of object, documentation 35536
Cold pictorial layer consolidationcm0,40,04
Hot pictorial layer consolidationcm1,20,06
Filling gaps (cleaning, grouting, finishing)cm20,06
Cleaning the pictorial layercm20,11
Chromatic integrationcm2,80,11
Varnishing the iconcm0,40,06
Cleaning the wooden supportcm1,20,02
Filling the gaps of the wooden supportcm1,60,02
Restoration operations of the wooden supportEach31118
Insecto-fungicide treatmentEach1177
Chromatic integration of the wooden supportcm1,20,02
Filming of the back of the iconcm0,40,11
Blocking the flight holes of xylophagous insectscm0,80,11
Specific packagingEach266specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach31149
Glass painting   
Preliminary examination of object, documentationEach35536
Disassembly iconEach391
Color film consolidationcm1,20,13
Cleaning the face of the glass and the edgescm0,80,13
Filling the gaps of the glass supportcm1,60,06
Chromatic integrationcm2,80,06
Cleaning the frame and protective covercm0,40,02
Chromatic integration of the frame and the protective covercm1,20,02
Insecticide-fungicide treatment of the frame and protective coverEach7822,0
Final assembly of the iconEach1177,0
Specific packagingEach355specific consume
Preparation of the restoration reportEach31149,0
Objective preliminary examination, documentationEach18525
Dry preservation (solvents, stain removal)MP257
Wet preservation (immersion in neutral detergent solution)MP375
Restoration of degraded areas through integration - carpets with knotscm121,3
Restoration of degraded areas through integration - silkcm81,3
Restoration of degraded areas through integration - cottoncm81,3
Restoration of degraded areas through integration - wool fabricscm51,3
Reinforcements on textile support by sewingMP48336
Consolidations on textile support with adhesivesMP19454
Cleaning skin, furEach19413
Integration of embroidery on leathercm82
Replacement of degraded fur/husk areasEach96660
Leather, fur/item item consolidationsEach19413
Thermal treatments of textiles, leather, carpetsEach7319
Specific packagingEach145specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach19449
Preliminary examination of object, documentationEach16425
Gap fillingcm0,80,02
Flight hole pluggingcm0,40,11
Reconstruction of ornaments, decorationcm1918
Chromatic integrationcm0,60,02
Frame and icon protective cover manufacturingEach9536
Specific packagingEach76specific consume
Preparation of restoration reportEach15249
Cleaning and preparation of wood material/sqm (insect-fungicide or fireproofing)MP1113
Brushing treatment/sqm (insecto-fungicide or fire retardant)MP17specific consume
Spray treatment/sqm (insecto-fungicide or fire retardant)MP13specific consume
Insect-fungicide treatment by injectionMP57specific consume
Creation of treatment/objective quality sheetEach16825
Preparation of work/objective report (treatment or fireproofing)Each16854
Realization of fireproofing test + fire brigade fire test reportEach16825
Bulletin fee for determining the effectiveness of fireproofing of wood – SR652Each0328

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