"RADU FLORESCU" Information and Documentation Centre for the Public

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"RADU FLORESCU" Information and Documentation Centre for the Public

The National Village Museum "Dimitrie Guști" is a prestigious institution in the Romanian cultural landscape, a symbol and a testimony of eternity, an oasis of peace, meditation and ethnographic training for the knowledge of our ethnocultural identity.

The Information and Documentation Centre “Radu Florescu “ for the public is located within the Museum and has a generous space, equipped with the necessary logistics for library activities, documentary research and organization of cultural events.

The Information and Documentation Centre for the Public "Radu Florescu" offers information on multiple media - books, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, newspapers, magazines, materials from scientific collections - internet access to pupils, students and specialists from various institutions as well as to the general public; it also organizes publication launches, documentary film screenings, conferences, various workshops for children and information activities through the production of requested bibliographies.

În spațiul C.I.D.P. ”Radu Florescu” este pus la dispoziție fondul de publicații al Bibliotecii. Consultarea acestuia se face pe baza completării următorului formular. 

Formular pentru centrul de informare

    The approved fees for the library of the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti" according to the Order of the Minister of Culture no. 3170 of 22.07.2022 - see document here- are:

    Release of a permit for:

    • 1. library permit 10 lei/pcs.

      (1 week)

    • 2. reading services at the Library - Reading room 30 lei/year

      Reading services at the Library-Reading Room

    • 1. Xerox copies 1 leu/page/A4/black and white

      by black and white library materials

    • 2. Xerox copies 3 lei/page/A4/color

      according to color library materials.

    *On the basis of a statement of reasons; no more than 30 files

    • 3. Scans by materials 2 lei/page/A4

      Scanning from library materials (150 dpi) and copying to the applicant's media

    • 4. Storage on CD/DVD 10 lei/support

      Storage on museum media (CD, DVD)

    *On the basis of a statement of reasons; no more than 30 files

    *Only if the physical condition of the document permits

    **Photography of the book with your own camera is allowed but only with the consent of the room custodian.

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