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Our Museum mission is complementary to the ICOM mission of the International Museum Day 2019, as follows:

"Museums as cultural centres: the future of tradition"

"The role of museums in society is changing. Museums continue to reinvent themselves in their quest to become more interactive, audience-driven, community-oriented, flexible, adaptable and mobile. They have become cultural hubs that operate as platforms where creativity combines with knowledge and where visitors can co-create, share and interact.''

The museum is therefore an institution that serves society, its moral and spiritual development and assumes part of the cultural and ethical values of a community.
The Village Museum became a cultural hub long before ICOM defined this type of activity and it differs from other similar institutions in the way it relates to the community in terms of supporting and promoting traditional and/or modern cultural values, responding to the diverse spiritual needs of the community, promoting creativity and intercultural and inter-ethnic dialogue.
We promote both the specific values of the rural world and those of a modern, urban community, satisfying the need for identity and education for the respect of its values, while opening a path to knowledge and respect for Romanian culture and spirituality in dialogue with the cultures of the world.
The Village Museum is a museum of the Romanian national identity, in the current European concept of national cultures, and the faithful public has identified the Museum as an exponent of the Romanian faith and spirituality.
That is why we pay special attention to developing the function of enhancing the museum heritage through education, ensuring consistent communication and promotion of programmes and projects, taking into account its quality as a national and European brand and trademark.

The Scientific and Heritage Directorate is responsible for ensuring that museum activities (represented by research, collection, conservation and restoration of museum heritage; diversification and publication of heritage research activities; centralized scientific record keeping and digitization of cultural property) are carried out according to national and international scientific standards. The Village Museum promotes both rural and urban, modern community values, opening a path to knowledge and respect for Romanian culture and spirituality in dialogue with the cultures of the world.

In conclusion, the above also represents the vision of the Village Museum, which involves both the hoarding and communication of the Romanian people's perennial creations and the promotion of multiculturalism and diversity through dialogue with ethnic groups, the transmission of the heritage held to future generations (conservation and restoration, scientific evidence), the cultivation of respect for Romanian and universal values through research and knowledge.
Action direction for the period from 2021 to 2026:
EMERGENCY ETHNOLOGY– Field and archival research with the following objectives:
  • Analysis of the Vlach architecture and its changes in the last decades - project of capitalization: promotion of the specific values of the Romanian rural architecture
  • Repertory of the specific architecture of Romanian communities around Romania
  • Highlighting changes in the structure of the settlement, household and peasant dwelling
  • Research of ethnographic areas and elements of material culture with the aim of identifying, recovering, preserving and enhancing forms of manifestation of traditional culture.
ProPATRIMONIUM – Scientific evidence of collections
  • Research and development of the museum heritage, movable and immovable, from the collections of the Village Museum and the open-air exhibition
  • Exploiting research on museum heritage
In(TANGIBLE)– Studying intangible heritage
  • Identifying and safeguarding the main forms of expression of intangible heritage
  • Continue the organisation of heritage storage and ensure optimal microclimate conditions for cultural goods;
  • Ensuring conservation-restoration conditions according to the latest international recommendations
  • Curative conservation and restoration of movable and immovable ethnographic heritage
  • Carrying out research, conservation and restoration operations for third party beneficiaries
  • Innovative research programme in the field of scientific conservation and restoration of the museum heritage with application in the museum's collections
  • Specific activities of the National Technical Committee for Standardization - TC 380 Preservation of cultural goods
  • Scientific dissemination projects in the field of ethnology, museology, conservation, restoration and museum education

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