FORESTRY LOG CABIN, Valea Doftanai, Prahova

Built in 1946, the forestry cabin from Valea Doftanei forest basin was used as an administrative office by the silviculturist management of this forest basin, still considered the largest one in Prahova County.
The cabin had offices, accommodation spaces, kitchen, dining room. In this place, the quantities and the type of wood being exploited were established. Belonging to the former I.F.E.T. (Forestry Enterprise for Exploitation and Transportation), the forestry exploitation of Valea Doftanei supplied with wood the great facilities producing furniture, and the Wood Facility of Pipera – Bucharest was the main beneficiary. At the same time, the cabin was used also for private or protocol events, parties, weddings or for creation camps for plastic artists. The cabin in the museum is a replica of the one in the field, much more damaged for it to be transferred.
The construction, built on fir logs connected at the endings in saddle notch, on stone foundation, spans on two levels: the ground floor with an open terrace, containing three rooms and the kitchen, and the upper floor with an access from the left side on wooden stairs, having also three rooms and the balcony. The roof has the covering made of one row of tongue and groove shingle, specific for the area of Doftanei. In the close proximity, it was raised a kiosk for dining during the summer. When the I.F.E.T. was disbanded, after 1990, the cabin lost its functionality.

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