Călineşti House, Maramureş, 1948

The commune of Călinești is situated in the depression of Maramureș, on Valea Cosăului and respectively Valea Veleniului, being attested in the documents since 1381. The inhabitants' main occupations were the growing of animals (cows, sheep, buffaloes, and horses), the agriculture, but also working in the forest (the settlement is situated near the Călinești forest).
The traditional house of Ianovici Vasile, transferred from this locality in 2011, was built in 1948 by the local master Utan Gavril, helped by his sons Petru and Mihai. It is a construction in fir beams with dovetail joints, being situated on river stone foundation. On two sides, the house has a veranda, also called the “camp” area, and in front on the entry, there is an elegant “terrace” with a hexagonal form. The construction sill plates are made in oak, and the roof structure and the covering are made in resinous wood.
The house has four rooms: the central hallway, a pantry in the hallway extension (where there are some wooden stairs leading to the attic), the “clean” room (on the right side), and the living room (on the left side).

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