Wine grower's farm, HOUSE Ţicleni, Gorj , 19TH CENTURY

Situated in an area with deciduous and coniferous forests, the locality Ticleni in Gorj is surrounded by Subcarpathian hills between Jiu and Gilort in Oltenia, and the hills of the Getic Plateau. The inhabitants of this old village of freeholders were livestock farmers and winegrowers, detail confirmed by the presence of “cellars”, wooden buildings covered in vine shoots, where people kept the wine barrels and the vine tools. From this place, the house was transferred in the Village Museum in 1993, the house of Andrei Sofei being representative for the popular architecture of the winegrowers in the region.
The house is a building with two floors, built on a stone foundation. On the thick sill plates, also called “bears” or “thicker”, it is elevated the structure of the wall in thick oak beams carved on four sides, connected with straight joints.
The walls from the superior floor are plastered with clay and whitewashed. The roof with four slopes is covered in shingle, with „crested larks” and „spikes” on the ridge. The façade is decorated with motifs specific for Gorj area: a string sculpted almost continuously horizontally over the windows and vertically in the middle of the façade; and in the corners – sculpted “undrele”.
The house plan includes at the ground floor only one room – the basement with an open porch, and the floor, where one goes up on lateral stairs, has a closed porch with a handrail, and two rooms with separated doors: the kitchen and the living room (“hodaia”). The interior is modest, including a furniture reduced to a minimum (bed, table, useful pots, etc.) and some décor fabrics.

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