Drăguş, Braşov county, 19TH CENTURY

Nicolae D. Fogoroș–Jojoiu's household from the village of Drăguș, dated at the end of the 19th century, was transferred in the Village Museum in 1936. Originating from the “Olt Land” or “Făgăraș Land”, it is representative for the Romanian folk architecture in the region. Although found at the feet of the mountains, the main occupations of the Drăguș inhabitants were the agriculture and animal husbandry. Among these, specific for the village was the water buffalo breeding, reflected in the size of the barn with stable that completes the household.
The house in the museum is built on a medium high stone base, that shelters the basement, and has walls made of fir beams, plastered and whitewashed. The ridged roof has a covering made of scalloped roof tiles. The dwelling has a half-hipped gable toward the street and a porch with carved pillars and fretted parapet toward the yard. The house plan is asymmetrical, including a foyer with a food pantry and a living room with a back storeroom for the reserve clothes.
The specific of the interior, typical for the Făgăraș area, is given by the richness of the items belonging to the main genres of the folk creation (textiles, ceramics, painting on glass, wood). Thus, the painted furniture with floral motifs or the sculpted one is placed next to the walls that are dressed in interior fabrics in which the red and the black are dominant. Over the windows highlighted with long towels, glazed plates with decorative role are hanged. Between the windows, there are large icons on manufactured glass. The tables and the high bed are covered by numerous cotton and wool fabrics, worked within the household.
We note the wicker cradle of the child, who in their turn have a small toy cradle for the dolls, as well as the “mace” (an item in shape of a two-arms cross, made by the young girls and men after the harvesting, from the most beautiful ears, and that was carried with pomp to the harvesting bee organiser's house).

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