Şuici household, Argeş county, century. the twentieth

Originating from the hilly region of Muntenia, Gheorghe Bângă's household from the village of Șuici was reconstructed in the Village Museum in 1936. The assembly is made of a “house with link”, a stable with a storage shed and a cornloft. The inhabitants' main occupations, illustrated also by the household annexes and inventory, were orcharding, forest exploitation and shepherding.
The “house with link” or “in elbow” is typical for the ethnographic area of Argeș at the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. It unites two buildings at a right angle, connected by a covered extension of the veranda. Such houses appeared as a result of the need to provide a separate dwelling for the young family that was formed after the marriage of the youngest son. When two families were not living in the same house, part of it was reserved for guests, while the other was intended for daily use.
Raised on a stone base, that houses the basement and the henhouses, the dwelling from Șuici has walls made of fir beams, plastered and whitewashed. The hipped roofs, for each of the two buildings, have a small shingle covering. The house plan includes two rooms on each side.
The interior arrangement is differentiated in the two building bodies. In the first two rooms, larger and more decorated, the decorative pieces are concentrated: furniture produced in the centers of Sălătruc and Șuici, carpets, wipes and embroidered handkerchiefs. The rear construction brings together a tent and a living room. Various household tools and utensils can be found here, such as the loom, simple and functional pieces of furniture or ceramic vessels from the Curtea de Argeș center.house plan includes two rooms on each side. The interior design is different for the two building wings. In the first two rooms, larger and more adorned, are concentrated the items with decorative character: furniture made in the centres from Sălătruc and Șuici, carpets, towels and embroidered handkerchiefs. The building in the back unites a foyer and a living room. Here one can find various household utensils and tools such as the loom, simple and functional furniture items or pottery from the centre in Curtea de Argeș.

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