Tilișca, Sibiu county

Found in the south-west of Transylvania, in the Outskirts of Sibiu area, the village of Tilișca is representative for the life and folk art of the transhumant shepherds from the mountain area of Sibiu. From here was transferred in the Village Museum, in 1936, Ana Emanoil's house, dated in 1847 – year carved in the window frame towards the street.
The house in the museum is only the village-half of the household, the other half (made of the shepherd hut and the animal shelter) being on the mountain. The dwelling is built on a high stone socle that partially shelters the basement, too, and has the walls made of rectangularly hewed beams, not plastered on the outside. On the front it has a small porch closed with fretted planks and carved pillars. The high, steep roof is covered with long shingles (1-1.5 m). The household entry is through a massive gate with beautifully carved oak pillars, dated 1829.
The house plan includes a median foyer and two rooms: the living room and the guest room (“the large house”). In the anteroom without ceiling a special place is taken by the oven for baking bread and a small open hearth were the cast-iron kettle for boiling is hanged on the transversal beam, on a metallic chain. On the right there is the living room with the cookstove and a chimney made of rectangular unglazed ceramic tiles, with floral reliefs painted in green.
In both rooms one can note the furniture sculpted (the bed, the chairs, cabinets) or painted with floral polychrome decorations (crates, peg racks) and the hemp and cotton fabrics of rectangular shapes and various lengths. On the pegs and on the transversal beams are hanged icons on glass or pitchers and plates with floral, geometric and zoomorph ornaments, richly coloured. The distaffs with lacy wings and the shepherd's staffs are easily noted. The richness of the interior colours imprints a bright and cheerful atmosphere on this dwelling.

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