Windmill Valea Nucarilor, Tulcea

The windmill from Valea Nucarilor, Tulcea County, dating from the second half of the 19th century, was transferred and reassembled in the museum in the year 1965. It was built on a high stone foundation having a truncated cone shape, that raises the wind-power capturing mechanism way above the ground. This system ensures a superior yield, as the high winds are stronger. The mill frame is made of oak, while the walls and roof covering are made of fir planks.
The windmill operates on the principle of direct transmission of motion, the whole mechanism being driven by the wind power captured by the four blades that rotate the windshaft. Through the toothed wheel (brake wheel) and a lantern pinion, the horizontal rotational movement is transmitted to the vertical axis fixed in the moving (or runner) stone. The grains flow from the hopper suspended above the stones into a shoe automatically shaken by the rotation of the spindle and from here between the stones. Subsequently, the flour flows into the crate.

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