Piua AND vâltoare - Borlova, Caraş Severin county

Among the peasant technical installations that complete the museum's exhibits are the vats and vats, related to the home textile industry, especially those made of wool. Constructions made entirely of wood, powered by hydraulic power, they were strung along the course of the mountain rivers and even further down in the hilly areas. With ancient origins and similar technical mechanisms as essential elements, beers present numerous types and variants, more archaic or more evolved. They developed mainly in some areas favored by favorable natural conditions: water with sufficient flow, as constant as possible and protected from frost in winter, wood of different essences: oak, beech and alder, raw material for processing woolen fabrics: dimie, panura, crows, sumanes, cergis, velnites, placades, blankets, pricoits, etc.
Built in the first quarter of the 20th century, the piua de panură ("vaiagă") together with the văltoarea ("stăeza") come from the village of Borlova, Caraş Severin county.
Piua is a characteristic installation for the subcarpathian area of ​​Banat, the distribution area being in the Cernei and Timișului Valleys, as well as in the Forest Land of Hunedoara County, partially in Haţeg. It belongs to a special type, with vertically suspended tops, with vertical operation. The component elements of the mechanism are: the wooden wheel with 12 cups, the horizontal spindle (axle) and two hammers (mayes). The construction is of beams with a hipped roof with shingle covering.
The eddy is an integral part of the brewery and has a truncated cone shape, with a small base sunk into the ground. It is made of boards fixed side by side on the inner face of two circular "colics", obtained from obedes: one at the bottom, towards the small base, and the other, at the top, towards the large base. The water enters at speed on a trough placed above, giving the fabrics inserted there a rotating movement, like in modern washing machines.

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