Dance hall, year 1928

Among the construction characterizing villages life, there are also included the ballrooms, the spaces where series of significant events from the rural world took place: weddings, baptisms, horas, and other festivities. In this sense, from the locality of Prahova, Alunis, it has been saved and transferred in the museum, “Dumitru Berbec” Special Dance Hall, dating from 1928 (on one of the foundation stones of the porch, there are the initials “D.B.”, 1928, and there is also another inscription of the scrolled fronton: “Special Dance Hall” and the owner's name, “Dumitru Berbec, year of 1928”).
The Dance hall was built on sill beams fixed on small sockets in stone masonry, has walls of vertical fir planks mounted on a wooden frame. The gabled roof covered in tin sheets is equipped with two skylights, and a gazebo where we can see the founder's portrait. A particularity of this construction is the lack of interior support pillars. It must also be remarked the scrolled and turned wood ornaments of the porch and the gazebo.

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