Story workshop

The story workshop is aimed at children between 5 and 12 years old and is organized together with the Fairytale Association. In this workshop full of imagination and creativity, children will meet fantastic characters and events, with kites who write poems, elves who struggle with maths homework and witches who decipher the secrets of flight, friendly garden gnomes, magical dragonflies and foxes cold polars. Groups of minimum 10, maximum 15 children.

The workshop lasts one hour and takes place from 10:30 to 11:30 in the Levantica Hall in Sos. Kiseleff no. 28.

The registration fee is 50 lei/participant (80 lei for two brothers/sisters) and is paid in advance. Payment details can be found on the form.

The workshop takes place on the following dates:

March 2 – The adventures of Covrigel with Victoria Pătrașcu (children 6 – 8 years old)
The adventures of Covrigel is a story about generosity, about the joy of giving to others. It is also a story about the small things that we no longer pay attention to, about the beautiful gestures that we could do to color and make the lives of others happy. With the help of the Kamishibai theater and together with the writer Victoria Pătrașcu, the children present at the workshop will go on an adventure with Covrigel, they will learn his story and take it further. And - who knows - maybe, together, we will establish a country of generous pretzels where no one feels alone or lost and where we will enjoy ourselves at the end and with....a surprise full of poppy seeds!

March 9 – Story workshop with Cristina Beatrice Preda (children 6-9 years old)
Spring has come to us, and it should have been spring in the Part Forest too, if the Dwarf the Delusioner of stories, carrying a net and fluffless dandelions, did not revolt! At the storytelling workshop, Cristina Beatrice Preda invites the children to read together the book "The Forest in a Part" and then to compose for the dwarf a little story from a story in hiccups, with the taste of nettles.

March 23 – Fantastic questions workshop with Adina Rosetti (children 8-12 years old)
Princesses who go in search of kites, brave frogs and Fairies who have lost their courage, kites who write poems, elves who struggle with math homework and witches who decipher the secrets of flight... Come with the children to a meeting with the characters of classic fairy tales , as you have never seen them before, in which we will tell stories, draw and fly with our imaginations far away!
Workshop inspired by the books "Why witches fly on broomsticks" and "Why the dragon lost his tablet" (Ed. Arthur)

March 30 – Let's Build a Hero! with Cosmin Perța (children 10-12 years old)
A creative writing workshop where children will learn to sketch characters, positive and negative, structure a story to highlight the character and help them develop, create a character sheet and narrative path, and lead a fictional destiny towards an emotionally satisfying ending. Among the skills enhanced by this workshop are imagination, abstract thinking, logical thinking, practical thinking, emotional intelligence, empathy, brevity in expression, ability to make decisions and others.

13 aprilie – Să inventăm o poveste cu Cameleonul Cami! cu Luminița Corneanu (copii 5 – 10)
"Let's make up a story with Cami the Chameleon!" is a workshop for developing children's imagination. What will happen at the workshop: We will read an excerpt from the book The Chameleon Cami goes to Tibet by Luminița Corneanu, with illustrations by Andrei Damian, Ed. Vlad and Cartea cu Genius, Grupul Editorial ART, Bucharest, 2023. Then, starting from the character main, we will imagine new situations, new entanglements, new adventures for him. We will play with rhymes and learn to write a little story in verse.



March 02 2024- Apr. 13 2024


10:30 - 11:30
Asociația De Basm


Association De Basm

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National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village

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