By Dragobete at the Village Museum

The National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village invites you to the event dedicated to the popular holiday known asDragobete. On this occasion, the Village Museum organizes a series of cultural actions to remind us of the traditions that took place during this period: songs, charms and dances.

On Saturday, February 23, starting at 5:00 p.m., there will be a classical music recitalWhispering whispers of love. Soprano Mihaela Andrei, together with Adrian Andrei's guitar, will delight our hearts and ears in a show dedicated to love, and Actress Cristina Elena Lascu will read us some of Mihai Eminescu's most famous poems.

On Sunday, February 24, from 12:00, Narcisa Mihai and Alexandru Nicolae will perform the magic of Dragobete. The program will continue with the showElder whistle, says a lot with fire!of the Fluierași from Dobrotești. And because popular music could not be missing, the artists Narcisa Băleanu, Alin Rusu, Ștefania Pârlea and Gabriel Dumitru will open our hearts with sweet Romanian singing. The program will end with the performance of the "Doina Cârcinovuului" folklore ensemble from Priboieni commune, Argeș county. Also on Sunday, from 12:00, the creative workshops will take placeDear Dragobete!Registration for the workshops is done at the entrance from Sos. Kiseleff no. 28, based on the museum access ticket, the number of places being limited to 10 people.

During the two days of the event, there will also be a fair of folk craftsmen, where visitors will have the opportunity to meet folk craftsmen and plastic artists, from whom they can buy traditional products: pies, pies, gingerbread and, of course, martisoare. And because it is still the celebration of love, visitors with the names Draga, Drăguţa, Dragoş, Drăgan will have free access to the museum based on their identity card.

You're welcome!



11.00 -12.00The Danube Delta through the eyes of children- program supported byAssociation Save the Flora and Fauna of the Danube Delta

Birds from the Danube Delta- creative workshops for children and adults

coordinator Magdalena Udrea

17.00   Whispering whispers of love

Classical music recital - Duo Mihaela and Adrian Andrei

Reciting poems from the Emincian lyric - actress Cristina Elena Lascu

09.00 – 17.00By Dragobete we will meet folk craftsmen and their creations, we will sweeten ourselves withcozonac, pies and gingerbread and we will discover beautiful martisores!



12.00   Charm of Dragobetespoken by Alexandru Nicolae and Narcisa Mihai

12.15   Elder whistle, says a lot with fire!

The flute players from Dobroteşti

12.40   Discover love poetry!– Contest

13.00   Of love and longing... with popular music soloists

Narcisa Băleanu – Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Mehedinţi

Alin Rusu – Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Mehedinţi

Ştefania Pârlea – Sighisoara, Mureş

Gabriel Dumitru – Pitesti, Argeş

14.00   Thrill of love... sung!

Dan Vasilescu, Natalia Colotelo, Andrei Dincă

14.30Be a poet for a day!– Poetry contest

14.45Folk ensembleDoina Carcinovu– Comm. Priboieni, Argeş county


Presented by the actor Alexandru Nicolae Mihai


Creative workshops:Dear Dragobete!

12.00 – 13.00Birds, flowers and hearts - coordinator Doina Kalvati

14.00 – 15.00Pair ... of opinions - coordinator Alexandru Ilinca


Surprises... by Dragobete!

People who celebrate the name day of Dragobete - Draga, Drăguţa, Dragoş, Drăgan have free access to the museum! (on the basis of the identity card).


09.00 – 17.00By Dragobete we will meet folk craftsmen and their creations, we will sweeten ourselves withcozonac, pies and gingerbread and we will discover beautiful martisores!


23 - 24 Feb. 2019


0:00 - 23:59


National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village
Kiseleff Road, no. 28-30



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