Nowruz- Spring Festival

The National Museum of Dimitrie Gusti Village together with the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Embassy of India, the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkmenistan, the Embassy of Turkey, the Yunus Emre Cultural Institute and the Institute of International Cultural Relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran organize the eventNowruz- Spring Festivalon the occasion of the holidayPersian New Year. During the event, from March 23-29, 2024, the public will be able to visit an exhibition that includes traditional costumes from the 5 countries, carpets, musical instruments and other various objects, photographs, which represent a true invitation to knowledge, understanding and dialogue, a window to all world cultures.

The National Museum of Dimitrie Gusti Village has been running the Dialogue of Civilizations program for almost 20 years, through which different cultures from around the world are promoted in comparison with Romanian culture, a real bridge of cooperation and collaboration between nations.

The name of the holidayNowruzit is composed of words of Persian originnev=new and ruz=daywhich have the meaning ofthe new daythe celebration suggests the idea of ​​rebirth, of renewal.

Since 2010Nowruzit is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, being a day celebrated in several countries such as Afghanistan, Albania, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan. It promotes peace, solidarity and cultural diversity between different generations and communities.


March 23 - 29 2024


9:00 - 17:00


National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village
Kiseleff Road, no. 28-30

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