The Fair of the Saints Apostles Peter and Paul

The National Museum of Dimitrie Gusti Village invites you from June 29 to July 2 to the Saints Peter and Paul Fair.

The importance of the holiday, also known asSummer sânpetruor Summer estates, will be brought to the attention of visitors through numerous activities organized throughout the 4 days of the fair.

Those who will cross the threshold of the museum will learn that, in addition to the celebration of the most famous apostles of Jesus, who died during the persecution against Christians by the Roman emperor Nero, the date of June 29 is also linked to many agrarian customs and beliefs. This Christian holiday marks the halfway point of the agrarian summer and the harvest, Saint Peter being the patron of agriculture and master of hail, but also of wolves and guardian of the gates of Heaven, where he feeds the wild animals, for which the holiday is also popularly known asFeast of wolves. The two Holy Apostles are also the protectors of those deprived of freedom, protectors of prisons.

All these and many other interesting meanings and customs will be harnessed through musical-choreographic moments, craft demonstrations and book presentations. On June 30, we have as guests the community representatives from Isaccea, Tulcea county.From Ancient Noviodunum To Today's Isaccea!is the event that will include book presentations, by plastic artists from the area, sewing and bone and wood sculpture workshops, a performance by the "Flori de cimbrișor" Ensemble of the Isaccea House of Culture, by the female vocal group "Dunăreanca" of the House of Culture Isaccea and a recital by the performer Mădălina Artem. On July 1 and 2 we are waiting for you at the Dumitra stage where Lucian Molnar, Ilie Măndoiu, Nicu Mâța, the Doinița Folk Ensemble (Bucharest), the Mlădițe Ilfovene Ensemble (Bucharest), Narcisa Băleanu and the Dor Lior Dor ensemble, Nechita Dragomira and the Calușarii from Cezieni (Olt county), Reabinușca Ensemble, Taraful lui Enache (Morunglav, Olt county), Beatrice Băndoiu.

Of course, as every year, the museum's alleys will host creations of folk craftsmen and traditional products.

We invite you to enjoy the atmosphere of the fairs of old, with traditional products, and to participate in recreational and educational activities.

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June 29 2023- July 02. 2023


9:00 - 19:00


National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village, Kiseleff Road


National Museum of the "Dimitrie Gusti" Village

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