30 September 2016

Museum Collections – Heritage Collections

Patrimonial collections

Account keeping is a technique used to keep a record on information linked to cultural assets in order to gain insight and knowledge, a basis for scientific research, a method of management for the collection, the protection and valorisation, both cultural and scientific, of historical items for the benefit of the public. Scientific research, managing permanent exhibitions, cultural and educative activities are all reliant on the scriptic accounts recorded about cultural assets, an activity which is prioritary and continuous.
Account keeping is an activity devoted to our preserved, protected and researched patrimony within the 10 collections (Wood, Folk Costumes, Tree Barks, Customs, Religious, Textiles, Ceramics, Documents, Foreign Countries, Toys), also to patrimony featured in the permanent exhibition (the inventory of 364 monuments). A number of 9081 objects are featured in the inventory of the outdoor expo, an additional number of 43.989 objects are administered within the perimeter of 10 modernly hi-tech equipped show spaces in the new multifunctional building.
The department personnel is in charge of informational and material patrimony management, meticulously and professionally organizing the warehouses, overseeing health conditions concerning the objects, identifying and recording scientific and historic details and maintaining a tight and necessary collaboration with collection custodians, treasurers and museographers.
The identity card of a patrimony object, its recognition data, its unique story, the traits that give it a certain status are accounted in the department’s records, in its data base, inventory registers, analytical evidence sheets, archives that undergo constant revisions and updates and require impressive amounts of work.

Document collections

The „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum holds a documentary archive structured in 16 sub-collections which sum up to over 300.000 objects. Each object and its supporting materials comprise the results of curatorial and academic research conducted during the museum’s years of existence, also before its founding. The archive holds information recorded from the time of The Sociological School, the archive features records from The Scientific Archives Collection, The Photo Library, the Slide-o-theque, ever since a particular technique was employed by museum specialists in order to record field information, resulting in documents such as magnetic tapes, video tapes or vinyl disks.

Recent years have brought forth the digital age for the „Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Musem, records and archive collections have been digitized into a collection of CD’s and DVD s. Current activities such as field research, conservation, restoration and artistic endeavors are also processed digitally.

The sub-collections are archived as follows:
a. Scientific documents – files and portfolios – on paperback;
b. Photo and video records
• Leika slide-shows (6 x 6 cm; 9 x 11 cm; 10 x 15 cm)
• Film rolls (6 & 9 mm)
• Video tapes
• Filmstrips
• Paperback (photographs, maps, boards, plans etc)
a. Audio records
• Cassettes
• Tapes
• Vinyl