20 November 2016

Road survey cabin

The development and modernization of the road network required finding solutions for road maintenance. For this, at the end of the 19th century, the road survey cabins were organized and built, inhabited by road menders who were responsible of a road segment. The storied cabins in Romanian style were designed by the architect of the Public Works Ministry, Petre Antonescu, who was inspired by the traditional architecture, the look of the road survey cabin being somewhat influenced by the architecture of fortified manor-houses, but also by the look of the rural dwelling from the hill and mountain regions. The building in the museum, with brick masonry and tile roof, comprises two stories, with a partial stoop on the main façade that has wood posts. The ground floor was assigned for current activities, some of the road survey cabins having telegraph or telephone stations of 1878 model. The upper floor was the on-duty accommodations for the road mender and his family.