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The contemporary folk art gallery brings together in its outlets in Sos. Kiseleff no. 28, Sos. Kiseleff no. 30 and Terrace - Sos. Kiseleff no. 30 - both objects made by contemporary popular creators, as well as specialized volumes, tourist albums and souvenir products.

The present objects the richness of the genres of popular creation – ceramics, textiles, braids, wood, inked/painted eggs, icons on wood and glass, folk barks, toys, furniture, masks, folk ornaments, clothing, leather goods. illustrate the richness of the genres of folk creation - ceramics, textiles, weaving, wood, boiled eggs, icons on wood and glass, folk bark, toys, furniture, masks, folk ornaments, costume pieces, coats, leather goods, etc. Purchased from us, these objects carry with them the guarantee of uniqueness and authenticity.

The specialist volumes are the scientific product par excellence that capitalizes in its pages the heritage collections of the National Village Museum "Dimitrie Guști", field and archival research, the results of conservation and restoration processes and the monographs of important localities from where the monuments in the museum were brought.

The publications promoting the museum heritage - leaflets, guides, albums, pocket books and tourist publications, as well as the rich material on electronic support - CD, DVD, support those eager to get to know - virtually - both the treasure trove of cultural values contained in the museum's heritage and the folk music.

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